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Ryse: Son Of Rome Mars’ Chosen DLC Pack Coming Next Week


A new DLC pack “Mars’ Chosen” is due out for “Ryse: Son of Rome” next week. The DLC will include five new maps – Courtyard, Dockyard, Firestorm, Pyramid and Obelisk – both Dockyard and Firestorm have been specifically designed for Survival Mode, Courtyard has been optimized for Survival Mode and the remaining two maps are […]

Xbox One Immersion Trailer


A new commercial for the Xbox One video game console depicts a gamer getting a little too involved in his “Ryse: Son of Rome” gameplay…

27 Ways You Can Cheat On Ryse: Son Of Rome


It goes without saying that any video game has built-in methods of cheating…or you can call them shortcuts – to-may-to or to-maw-to, whatever – and “Ryse: Son of Rome” is no different. So, with the game having been out all of a couple months now, that has given people ample amounts of time to locate […]

Checkpoint Reload? Check. Valor? Check


Any new game has loopholes and “Ryse: Son of Rome” is no different as this video shows, with the possibility of getting easy valor by simply reloading at each checkpoint. It probably won’t be long before Crytek patches this though…

New Colosseum Pack Trailer


A new DLC for Ryse: Son of Rome was released for the holidays that featured two new skins – Centurion and Commodus – as well as two new arenas of play, Henge and Ascension, the latter being Hades’ lair. The trailer…

Ryse: Son of Rome DLC – Colosseum Pack


Microsoft announced Wednesday that Ryse: Son of Rome will officially be getting its first round of DLC this week. Free updates include two additions to the gladiator arena: a new turret that attacks players with arrows until i’ts destroyed, and Reward Statues that emerge from the sand to give a one-time Health or Focus bonus to […]

Ryse Easter Egg – Army of the Dead


Some gamers will stop at nothing to find each and every secret in the games they play, and Ray and Geoff of Rooster Teeth are those gamers. Lucky for us, they hunted down an Easter Egg hidden in Ryse: Son of Rome and walk us through how to find it in their Youtube video. Load the […]

Using Smartglass with Ryse: Son of Rome


Microsoft’s Director of Programming and community go-to guy Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb just posted a new video showing off some of the Smartglass integration in Ryse: Son of Rome. We told you why Smartglass was being used not too long ago – now find out what it will do for you in your trip through Ryse. So […]

Tips for taking on Ryse: Son of Rome’s Legendary Difficulty


Reviewers of Ryse: Son of Rome that have criticized its lack of difficulty have clearly never tried the game on Legendary – taking on that daunting task poses quite the challenge, and flailing about with your sword without thinking ahead won’t get you very far with these enemies. Executions that on lower difficulties feel occasionally superfluous […]

Free Copies of Ryse: Son of Rome!


Haven’t been able to pick up your copy of the Xbox One Exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome yet? Now’s your chance! Justin Robey, Senior Producer at Microsoft, is giving away free digital copies of Ryse all week – and not just regular copies, but Day One bundles that include the bonus Ruins Gladiator map and the Legionnaire’s Trust exclusive sword! The […]