Ryse: Son of Rome Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 11

Check out the continuation of YouTube user Brad “theRadBrad” Colburn’s Let’s Play walkthrough videos of Ryse: Son of Rome, as he finishes up campaign level five, Edge of the World.

At the end of Ryse’s fifth level, you’ll take on Glott, the Minotaur Chief. He’s full of heavy attacks, so keep that evade button ready, and be content to get only one or two quick hits in at a time; trying for more will inevitably get you hurt. About halfway through the battle, the Wickerman – which is full of not just your comrades, but also Vitallion…and a lot of fire – Glott will stumble and you’ll get to do an execution…that won’t kill him. The Wickerman will fall a bit, and you’ll take up the fight again. Be patient, peck away at him, and eventually overpower him.

A cutscene brings chapter five to a close and takes you through saving your men, your commander, and Nero’s jerk of a son, Commodus. (And if you don’t think he’s a jerk at the beginning of that cutscene, you will by the end.)

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